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mzgina13's Journal

just plain gina
20 March 1987

My journal contains opinions, feelings, occurances, etc. in the life of Regina. I am in no way responsible for whatever bodily injuries and/or thoughts that may occur while you are reading my journal. We've had accidents in the past, which is why I've turned my once public journal into a friends only one. If you can't handle the things I say then don't add me. I also don't expect my business to be told to everyone coming and going so if you are on this list and you blab... I will get rid of you. = ]

My name's Regina, or so I've been told. I have more nicknames then you can imagine, but it would be too much of a bother to list them all. I was born March 20th in the year of the rabbit, and a proud Pisces. You may find me either in Coeburn Virginia where I was born and raised, at University of Virginia's College at Wise the college that I currently attend, at Reno's Steakhouse where I work, over a rainbow somewhere, or hanging out with those I like to call my friends or my amazing boyfriend. I hardly ever shut up, so when you're around me I suggest a pair of ear plugs and a smile.

Well, that just about sums me up. Congratulations to you for making it this far, and not falling asleep during the process! If any part of this bio has interested you in one way or another, then go ahead and add me. I’ll certainly add you back. If not, then it’s your loss for reading this whole thing. :P <3, Gina

quod me nutrit me destruit